What makes the Council events different and better than its competitors

- Best Value for Money: the Council independent and not-for-profit approach guarantee that you get the best deal in conference pricing. Why should you pay more than US$ 1,000 for a conference when the Council provides the same format, quality and speakers, 5-stars hotel setting for a fraction of that cost!

- Support Team Education: reasonable prices allow all executives, not only the top management, to learn and network in a high quality 5-stars hotel setting. And because supply chain management encompasses several departments and functions in your company, the Council is in unique position to support team learning and influence decision-making.

- Unrivalled Supply Chain & Logistics Knowledge: unlike other conferences organizers, we do truly understand supply chain management as we produce 30-40 events just on that topic. Our board of directors and management is comprised of leading supply chain professionals with an average of 20 years experience in supply chain, sourcing or logistics operations in Asia. The Council is on the forefront of the profession and that's why our themes and topics are fresh and innovative.

- Convenient 1-Day Format: many events loose up to 50% of your audience in the second day. So, if you think that the traditional 2-days conference format is too long, then switch to the Council events. Knowing your time is important, we produce well-researched and high-quality conferences allowing busy executives like you to get the essential knowledge and key contacts you need in just 1 day...

- Local & Practical Content: we spend time and efforts to select speakers who have strong local and practical business experience. Vendors speaking are required to present highly practical case studies and sales pitches are not allowed. With such a line-up of experienced practitioners, you'll bring back highly applicable and practical information to advance your supply chain operations.

- Medium-Size Events for Better Networking & Interaction: we recognize that meeting the right people is as important as getting the relevant knowledge and all our events feature the ideal networking environment. Our focus is always on providing delegates, speakers and sponsors with an intimate, interactive experience and this is why we prefer medium size groups. Attendees tend to shy away when the events are too large and busy and our most successful events had between 50 to 80 delegates.

- We Respect Your Privacy: unlike other organizers, we don't have telemarketing people working on endless listings and we don't chase or annoy people with phone calls. Why should we after all? We offer the best value for money conferences in China and you can make your "own decision" when you see the value.

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