China Industrial Clusters Sourcing Map

Why does China still enjoy such a huge sourcing cost advantage over other countries?

Lower cost certainly still comes into play but another key factor is the existence of industrial or supply clusters all over the country. These interconnected groups of suppliers - specialized in one type of commodity and located within one region - are becoming an increasingly important factor of competittive advantage when sourcing from China.

The Council is proud to publish the first map featuring the top industrial or supply clusters in China which is both informational and engaging for the procurement, sourcing and supply chain profession.

Supported by ThreeSixty Sourcing, a leading global sourcing firm specializing in sourcing products for the consumer and commercial hard goods sectors, this new map is available both digitally on the web, in CHaINA magazine and also printed as a poster.

Free copies of the poster can be picked up either directly in person or via your express logistics provider at the Council office (Unit A, 10th Floor, Block 2, 543 Xin Hua Rd., Shanghai, China 200052).

If you have further questions regarding this map or wish to sponsor the next edition, contact us.

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