It is clear that the Supply Chain is very fragmented and in fact there is no single 3PL carrier who can deliver goods from one end of China to the other. The Government has clearly recognized this in approving 60 new infrastructure projects at a cost of 1 trillion yuan!

I found it staggering to learn that logistics account for 20% of a product’s price compared with 10% in the USA and 5% in Europe. No wonder food prices have doubled in the last three years.

This fragmentation means that there can be many carriers and wholesalers involved in the Supply Chain so a great deal of loading and unloading with some companies using technology and standards and others not. Distance of travel is extending and manufacturing is pushing north and north west.

No 1 issue is food traceability and the quality of the food. There is a lack of confidence due to counterfeiting and the grey market and also the length of time fresh food is transported from its origins causing damage and delays and waste.

There is a major opportunity to use technology such as barcodes and RFID as well as Global standards like EAN 128 to track and trace goods in the supply chain


We are in the Post PC World where employees wish to Bring Their Own Device into the office with them to use at work. Windows is now <60% of the enterprise market where Android and iOS account for the rest.

Mobility is still the way forward using mobile terminals and with all the different devices managing them is the key for IT departments who must enforce strict standards.

The personal cloud will replace the PC era and data will be collected in many forms and stored in many different places. There won't be just one place anymore such as a data warehouse.

Mobile devices will have access to this data and enough capabilities to perform analytics themselves, potentially enabling use of optimization and simulation everywhere and every time.

So for example what if we could predict the likely sales in a store from remaining inventory for various possible purchases at this exact moment, and offer inducements to a customer to pick the right product right now that maximizes likely total revenue for the remainder of the day?

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Comment by Jim Serstad on November 27, 2012 at 9:17am

Good thoughts on in-store analytics.  At a store level, analytics present a whole new set of challenges over online commerce.  On line, pricing and incentives are easily changed to shape demand.  In a store, how those rapidly-changing promotions would be made visible is a challenge.  Of course, the best revenue model is to always have the right product at the right store at the right time. But given that the supply chain can never be so perfect, there might be room for in-store analytics to bring about some improvement in revenue and inventory.

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