Chain social network is run by the Global Supply Chain Council.

The Council is Asia's largest professional organization dedicated to furthering the knowledge, understanding, and career development of executives, managers, and professionals in the field of supply chain, logistics and procurement management.

The Council was founded in February 2002 with the mission of being the vital link for supply chain and logistics professionals who must stay on top in our fast-growing, ever-changing industry. It's a privately owned organization run by a group of experienced professionals in Asia.

By staying fully independent and neutral, the Council maintains its leading role and keeps its objectives of keeping members well informed and conversant with the latest trends, techniques and technology as they affect the manufacturing and retail sectors.

As results of 10 years continuous growth and expansion, the Council is:
- A leading professional organization aiming to educate, develop, and advance the supply chain profession;
- A key communication link with thousands of supply chain, procurement, manufacturing and logistics professionals working all over Asia;
- The industry's premier resource and knowledge center for supply chain expertise, services, equipment, systems and technologies.

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