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The need to innovate and to stay competitive is bringing executives executives from all around the world to gather on the Chain network - to learn from one another and to spark ideas and advancements that would not be discovered by individuals and companies acting alone.

By bringing practitioners together, Chain is facilitating this sharing of information that benefits not only the industry, but also the individuals and companies that participate.

Committees usually consist of executives who work in functional areas within the key disciplines of supply chain management, e.g. sourcing, logistics and also in specific sectors or industries like automotive, pharma, ect...

Committees will consist predominantly of end-users and practitioners, but vendors companies and consultants may participate where appropriate.

Chain and its Council members is always looking for members to donate their time, energy, and experience in a variety of areas, including business and community development, research efforts, organizational improvement and more. If you are interested in leading a certain committee, please click here for a list of responsibilities.

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