Audience Overview & Demographics

Chain.NET and the Council community's approach is to reach out to both management level executives and on-site managers from a range of departments, such as supply chain, procurement, sourcing, production and logistics. Our members list runs deep across different department and management levels to ensure that all the key decision makers are informed.

More than 70% of our members, readers and delegates come from end-users such as manufacturers, retailers and distributors.They come from a wide range of industries with the majority holding senior decision making positions in these companies. Their responsibilities include decisions on which 3PL to use, which port terminal and type of transportation to use, what type of equipment to buy, which IT system to select and also where to locate their facilities and warehouses.

80% VP, Director level or higher
Over 80% of Vendors Directory users/readers hold a senior level position in their company.
4,300 users per month
Number of new & returning users that have had at least one session with the online directory.
22,000 page views per month
Total number of pages/listings viewed, repeated views of a single listing are counted.
(Source: Google Analytics, last 6 months average)
Promoted to 50,000+ executives
Number of recipients receiving an email message or tweet promoting the directory each month.

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