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Chain is the social network for supply chain professionals. New users sign up every day and spend time contributing content, commenting on others expertise and making connections.

We are keen to promote you to our visitors and members, and whether you are interested in a banner ad or a sponsored post aimed at boosting your profile and search engine presence, we will find a way to meet your needs.

Here are some of the options:

Banner on Every Page Homepage Slider
Featured Member

Banner visible on every page.
Max W: 220px, Max H: 90px.
US$ 450 /month

Homepage Slider:
great visibility on the homepage.
US$ 575 /month

Featured member:
top of member page.
Free for premium members.

Banner in Blog Posts Banner in Discussion Posts Associate Member Page

Banner under every blog post:
Max W: 730px, Max H: 90px.
US$ 195 /month

Banner under discussions.
Max W: 730px, Max H: 90px.
US$ 295 /month

Your own bespoke page on the site with no other advertising, customised to your specification and with a permalink from the main navigation bar. This is a great SEO solution.

Homepage Video Featured Video Sponsored Post
There are a range of ways we can promote you, your firm or services through sponsored content, blogs and articles. Please get in touch for more information.
Premium placed video on homepage.

Featured video on video page.
US$ 499

For more information on all options and rates please contact us here.

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