Integrated Marketing Solutions

Chain’s goal is to help you maximize the return on your marketing investment in Asia. For 2013, we’ve designed a variety of integrated media marketing tools to help you deliver a stronger message to the business community.

In the digital age, integrated marketing cannot be ignored as it can increase your exposure and impact your call to action. Our new packages combine print, electronic and online media with conferences and other events to ensure you reach your target through a variety of media many times over.

Our team will work with you to develop an integrated media program that fits your marketing and budget needs. Our goal is to build relationships with our advertising clients and provide custom solutions in alignment with your advertising goals rather than just selling advertising space.

Download the media kit here in PDF format

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5 Reasons to Advertise on Chain network:
1. Chain attracts an audience of professionals and decision-makers working in supply chain, procurement, sourcing, logistics and transportation. They’re willing to invest in themselves and their career and purchase services, solutions and expertise to benefit their company or business.
2. Starting at just US$ 399 per month, the leaderboard banner is an affordable advertising option ready and waiting to begin marketing your product or service.
3. We will say nice things about you to our 14,000+ LinkedIn members, 3,000+ Twitter followers, and thousands of visitors. Shouting from the rooftops costs extra.
4. You’ll be joining a high-caliber group of past and present advertisers that are working with the Council.
5. Because Chain really is an interesting platform, and needs a little more help to cover its costs.

Don’t hesitate to contact at ads at chainmedia dot com with questions on how we can help you build your integrated media campaign to better achieve your marketing goals.

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