Up for a New Year's Challenge?

In the mission of helping you meet extraordinary people at the lake, we wanted to put forth a challenge for this new year. 

Set a goal for 2013, meet people to help achieve it! Some people might just want to learn to swim, some others might go for more challenging objectives like getting married, have kids and just get a promotion... 

To set a goal, make sure to login, click on the "reply" box below, and submit a goal you want to accomplish in 2013! 

Others interested in the same thing will click in and you might meeting new people right away!

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My Goal for 2013 is to get full fledged experience and knowledge on the supply chain and logistics sector, so as to grow my career in the clearing and forwarding Companies in mumbai which is one of the most oldest in out town for providing logistics and supply chain functions and operations

Our goal @ http://canadianfulfillmentcenter.com/industries-served/ in 2013 is to become the #1 Fulfillment Services Leader in Canada

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