B2B Experts Panel

The Experts Panel puts hundreds of supply chain professionals within your reach. Get opinions from procurement, sourcing, manufacturing and logistics executives in industries ranging from pharmaceutical to automotive to retail.

Our business-to-business panel is recruited from our community, membership, websites and events and you can rest assured that all members are double-opted in, closely monitored and incentivized to encourage thoughtful, quality responses.

Access supply chain professionals in a wide variety of industries:
- Aerospace and Defense: Products, Maintenance and Services
- Automotive
- Chemicals: Agriculture, Plastics, Fibers, and Coatings
- Computer Hardware: PC, Data Storage, Networking, and Peripherals
- IT solutions, software and Services:
- Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
- Pharmaceuticals: Manufacturing, Discovery, Vitamins, and Diagnostics
- Consumer Electronics and Telecommunications
- Energy - Oil and Gas
- Materials, Construction, Wood Products, and Waste Management
- Metals and Mining
- Industrial & Logistics Real Estate
- Retail & Distribution
- Logistics & Transportation

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In addition, our B2B panel members are profiled on a wide variety of attributes, including company annual revenue and number of employees per company. For more information, contact us directly.

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