In line with a more complex and fast paced environment, new techniques and information are an absolute necessity for the tool chest of supply chain and logistics professionals in Asia. And, if in the past, you have sought benchmark information that will assist you in the development of a best practice in your operations, I'm sure that you will have reached one mind numbing conclusion…

"A lot of statistics in the United States or Europe are available, but are they relevant to the Asian environment and my business here?"

Well, your answer is now with Chain.NET. In the first of a series of benchmark surveys, we are, with the assistance of our members, compiling relevant data and information that can be used to conduct a 'Health Check' of your functions place within industry standards and best practice.

Benchmark - How You Can Benefit
Benchmarking enables manufacturers and retailers operating in China to spot weaknesses in their organizations, and to identify proven methods of improving their performance. Our supply chain benchmark provides manufacturing executives with access to the largest specialized database of supply-chain practices and performance metrics.

Chain Benchmarking is:
- Quick: no time-consuming questionnaire, each survey takes 5 minutes to respond
- Hosted: no software to license or hardware to support.
- Accessible: members have access any time through the web.
- Actionable: current data drives better decisions.
- Secure: your data is protected and your identity is concealed.
- Dynamic: drill down to benchmark by industry/sector.

Our benchmarking surveys will be of direct relevance to you and your company business in Asia. The information provided is held in absolute confidence and never divulged to third parties. Aside from highlighting opportunities, a good health check can lead to the discovery of processes and procedures that contribute to your functions success.

Access to benchmarking surveys is free but the reports are only provided to Council or Chain premium members.

Become a member here and start benchmarking your KPIs against your peers.

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